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THE SELECTED GWENDOLYN MACEWEN (Exile Classics Number Seven) - Gwendolyn MacEwen

Poetry, Prose, Drama, Archival: A selection of Poetry, Poems (eight previously unpublished), Drama, Photographs from all ages, Personal Letters, Original Paintings, Questions for Discussion and Essays, Suggested Reading, Related Web sites, and More!

Edited by Meaghan Strimas
Introduction: Rosemary Sullivan
Afterword: Barry Callaghan

The Selected Gwendolyn MacEwen traces the astonishing trajectory of her verse, and the development of her fiction ­ the novels Julian the Magician and King of Egypt, King of Dreams, and her stories, No Man, and No Man’s Land ­ as well as her brilliant translations, The Trojan Women, and the theatre piece, The Birds.

Fiction 6x9; 284 pages: ISBN-13 978-1-55096-111-9 / ISBN-10 1-55096-111-X

(paperback) $27.95CDN/$24.95US

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TOM THOMSON IN PURGATORY Poetry/Paintings - Troy Jollimore

Winner of the Prestigious Book Circle Critic’s Award for Poetry (U.S.)
Troy Jollimore, born in 1971, is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Chico. Tom Thomson in Purgatory was also selected by the former U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, for the Robert E. Lee & Ruth I. Wilson Poetry Book Award.

"Reading this book, you are bound to take both Tom Thomson and his creator to your heart and to savor the miscellany of other poems that make up this superb collection." –Billy Collins.
"Poetry, it seems, is often either funny or good – but very infrequently is it both, as is in Tom Thomson in Purgatory. Borrowing Berryman’s linguistic inversions, and Whit-man’s mossy particulars, Jollimore injects a much needed jolt of helium into contemporary poetry . . . it’s refreshing to see a poet prove you can write mysteriously and coherently at the same time, all while maintaining the belay rope of tradition . . . go out and find this book and take it home, and you will find, pressed beneath its pages, a new and exciting voice in poetry, emerging from the purgatory so many poets know, but this one never deserved: obscurity." –San Francisco Chronicle Book Review
"In the onslaught of new poetry books, Troy Jollimore’s debut
Tom Thomson in Purgatory is muscling to the forefront . . . there’s a freshness to it and a sort of lighthearted earnestness that bodes well for this poet and his growing cadre of readers." –Seattle Times
"Jollimore has set the stage for a series of exquisite sonnets Š In this reviewer’s opinion, it deserves every prize available." –The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Poetry/Paintings 6x9; 104 pages: ISBN-13 978-1-55096-097-0 / ISBN-10 1-55096-097-0

(paperback) $19.95CDN/$17.95US

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LAWREN HARRIS: IN THE WARD - His Urban Poetry and Paintings Poetry/Paintings - Lawren Harris
Includes Sixteen Colour Reproductions of Paintings by Lawren Harris. Edited, and with an Introduction, by Gregory Betts This is a unique historical journey that will offer readers a glimpse of our country’s past as it was: renowned Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris boldly brings to us, by way of poetry and painting, a looking-lens onto the "urbanizing experience."
from łA Note of Colour˛
the city that is ever shrouded in sooty
smoke, and amid huge, hard buildings, hides a gloomy
house of broken grey rough-cast, like a sickly sin in
a callous soul...

In 1922, as the Group of Seven was emerging as a national phenomenon, Lawren Harris published his only book of poems – Contrasts – the first modernist exploration of Canadian urban space in verse. Harris also wandered the streets of Toronto, sketching, and creating a powerful set of urban paintings. Lawren Harris: In the Ward brings his poetry and painting together for the first time. The book, including nine previously unpublished poems, offers a new view of Harris’ pre-Group of Seven career, while presenting an exciting window into urban space at the turn of the century.

Poetry/Paintings; 8x8 110 pages: ISBN-13 978-1-55096-063-1 / ISBN-10 1-55096-063-6

(paperback) $23.95CDN/$20.95US

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MOONCALVES - Kathleen McCracken
Includes Art by Four Painters (Ed Pein, Catherine Heard, Michael Callaghan, Rolando Rojas), and 20 B&W Archival Images -16 Colour Plates and 20 B&W Images

Mooncalves is Kathleen McCracken’s sixth book of poems. The collection falls into two distinct yet stylistically and thematically interconnected sections. The first constitutes a sequence of monologues, each spoken in the voice of a "mooncalf" – famous and not so famous individuals whose physical deformities meant that they were once designated "freaks." The poems are an imaginative "writing back" which allows these marginalized figures – from the oracular Egyptian dwarf Khnumhotep through the Siamese twins Chang and Eng and, most recently, screen actor Peter Dinklage and visual artist Alison Lapper – to tell their own stories.
Mooncalves includes various art forms – archival and current – that have been arranged to give a visual perspective to, or complementary interpretation of, the ways in which these unique people lived.

Poetry/Graphic 6x9 (pb); 142 pages: ISBN-13 978-1-55096-096-9 / ISBN-10 1-55096-096-2

(paperback) $22.95CDN/$19.95US

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PEINDICY - Mike Scertzer
There comes a point when one’s personal knowledge becomes so refined, so thorough and narrow, that it stands as nothing more than a testament for all the necessary knowing that has been avoided at all costs . . .
Mike Schertzer says he was willed into existence by the word pursuit, and by these writers:
pursuit: n; When death mounts a poem the poem becomes something more. With its rider it pursues us, relentlessly, in order to interrogate us. Our innermost passages, our secret retreats are nothing to such a poem. It always finds us. And when it does it asks us a question, just one question. Our answer to this question is always the same – yes. And its question – do you want to live?
"Suffering is man’s only biography." –E.M. Cioran
"Dignity is the proper form of the human verb." –Karl Kraus
"I have made you too feeble to climb out of the pit, because I made you strong enough not to fall in." –Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Mike Schertzer is a poet, artist and scientist. His ongoing project, A Personal Dictionary, can be found online at: www.poetryisdisaster.com/dictionary/ Cover.html

Poetry 6x9; 158 pages: ISBN-13 978-1-55096-103-4 / ISBN-10 1-55096-103-9

(paperback) $19.95CDN/$16.95US

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"In reading Tana’s poems I have been amazed at how they came directly into my heart and sat down beside me and somehow, for some unknown reason, we wept." –Joy Kogawa
Scenes of remembrance expose the landscape of family life. Each poem is a sacrificial canvas depicting a "persistent and influential" moment in the life of a young daughter as she grows up to be a sister, lover, poet, wife and mother who "pleads forgiveness" from her parents, now that they – in accordance with the world’s pulse – are preparing to die.
"This is a very fine book, full of wisdom and compassion and a dazzlement of language that will make you go back to read individual poems again and again. The air they breathe 'is dipped in glass, / clear and incisive.'" –Leona Gom
"Unflinching and compassionate, her poignant lyrics move seamlessly from the page into your heart. No detours. And, as only the finest poems can, these ones inspire us to consider – and re-consider – our own responses to this world." –Sandy Shreve

This is Tana Runyan’s first book.

Poetry 6x9; 94 pages: ISBN-13 978-1-55096-104-1 / ISBN-10 1-55096-104-7

(hard cover) $17.95CDN/$15.95US

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