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There comes a point when one’s personal knowledge becomes so refined, so thorough and narrow, that it stands as nothing more than a testament for all the necessary knowing that has been avoided at all costs . . .

Mike Schertzer says he was willed into existence by the word pursuit, and by these writers:
pursuit: n; When death mounts a poem the poem becomes something more. With its rider it pursues us, relentlessly, in order to interrogate us. Our innermost passages, our secret retreats are nothing to such a poem. It always finds us. And when it does it asks us a question, just one question. Our answer to this question is always the same yes. And its question do you want to live?
"Suffering is man’s only biography." –E.M. Cioran
"Dignity is the proper form of the human verb." –Karl Kraus
"I have made you too feeble to climb out of the pit, because I made you strong enough not to fall in." –Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Mike Schertzer is a poet, artist and scientist. His ongoing project, A Personal Dictionary, can be found online at:


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Peindicy - Mike Scertzer
Poetry 5.5x8.5; 104 pages: ISBN 978-1-55096-103-4
$19.95CDN/$17.95US (paperback)


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