In Green, Marilyn Bowering addresses her physical and metaphysical worlds in conversations that move from the most intimate expressions of longing to the political. Her love of Lorca and Ritsos and Rumi and the years she spent in Spain have seeped into the frames of her poetry, adding another colour to the interplay of form and improvisation that is her canvas. The poems are variations of classical themes and traditions but are driven by the immediacy of family, love and death. Coats, rooms, cars, cups, bees and finally the rose are all part of the dive into the sources of Green.
Marilyn Bowering is an award-winning novelist, poet and playwright, who has been short-listed for the prestigious Orange Prize, nominated for the Dublin IMPAC Prize, and awarded the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. Her fiction includes To All Appearances, Visible Worlds and Cat’s Pilgrimage. Her most recent book of poetry, The Alchemy of Happiness, was short-listed for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize.
"To read Bowering is to fall into the mystical hands of her words; she never betrays our trust." –Susan Musgrave
"Haunted by life . . . most tellingly, in the ghosts that seem unwilling to disappear simply into absence, silence, and the past tense." –Quill & Quire
"A powerful argument for love itself." –Books In Canada

GREEN - Marilyn Bowering
Poetry • 6x9 • 106 pages
(pb) $19.95

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