Taking poetry to a new form of expression! A deft exploration of personal and cultural myths realized through verse and art.
Mooncalves is Kathleen McCracken’s sixth book of poems. The collection constitutes a sequence of monologues, each spoken in the voice of a "mooncalf" — famous and not so famous individuals whose physical deformities meant that they were once designated "freaks." The poems are an imaginative "writing back" which allows these marginalized figures — from the oracular Egyptian dwarf Khnumhotep through the Siamese twins Chang and Eng and, most recently, screen actor Peter Dinklage and visual artist Alison Lapper — to tell their own stories. These narratives are enriched by past and present works of art — paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and photographs — which bring startling and evocative perspectives to bear on the "inner light" which is the hallmark of each of these distinctive personae.
"Kathleen McCracken exhibits an uncommon fusion of poetic, colloquial, incantatory, private and public languages, achieving a resonance marking the best of what a lyric can do." –Canadian Literature
"McCracken possesses a keen sense of topic and has developed her own unique way of describing it." –Books in Canada
"A remarkable economy of thought and language … reveal the poise of a mature artist." –Toronto Star

MOONCALVES - Kathleen McCracken
A unique full-colour book featuring original artwork by eight contemporary artists, as well as numerous archival images
Graphic Poetry • 7x7 • 128 pages
(pb) $29.95

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