A spare, short novel. Emotionally terse, sharply observed. This is post-Vietnam on the west coast where the travelling is still easy and being on the road is still good, but now it’s not a matter of listening to bop on the radio and smoking joyful joints à la Kerouac. It’s moving drugs by Greyhound bus across the border for the mob. It’s staving off panic attacks at the first sign of intimacy. It’s sex without emotion, and hallucinatory hospitals, broken-down vets, and the murder of your own mother as a merciful release into the little of untouched nature that is left.

"It seems unbelievable that he has never published fiction before." –Joyce Carol Oates

Christopher Adamson is a new writer, and the author of the novella The Road to Jewel Beach; he has also published two short stories, "Living in the Present" which appeared in Ontario in Review, 2004, and "A Hot Day in Paris" - which was the recipient of the 2006 Carter V. Cooper Memorial Prize for Short Fiction - and also appeared in Ontario in Review, 2007.

THE ROAD TO JEWEL BEACH - Christopher Adamson
Fiction; 6 x 9 • 92 pages: 9781550966176
(pb) $19.95

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