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2016 SPRING RELEASES (April and May; pre-order pages are available)


Ed. Dominik Parisien – CLOCKWORK CANADA: STEAMPUNK FICTION We welcome you to an alternate Canada, where steam technology and the wonders and horrors of the mechanical age have reshaped the past into something both wholly familiar yet compellingly different. These fifteen supercharged all-new tales reimagine Canadian historical events, explore alternate Canadas, and gather inspiration from the northern landscape to make us wonder: what if history had gone a different way? Experience steam-powered buffalo women roaming the plains; join extraordinary men and women striking out on their own or striving to build communities; marvel as giant rampaging spirits are thwarted by a miniscule timepiece; cringe when a great clock chimes and the Seven O’Clock Man appears to terrorize a village in Quebec; witness a Maritime scientist develop a deadly weapon that could change the course of the American Civil War.
Authors: Colleen Anderson, Karin Lowachee, Brent Nichols, Charlotte Ashley, Chantal Boudreau, Rhea Rose, Kate Story, Terri Favro, Kate Heartfield, Claire Humphrey, Rati Mehrotra, Tony Pi, Holly Schofield, Harold R. Thompson, Michal Wojcik.

Aude (trans. David Homel) – FRAGMENTS A world in chaos where human folly exceeds the limits of fanaticism, greed, barbarity and indifference. These stories draw us into the intimacy of what makes us human. Some are marked by war, social instability, totalitarianism, while others are peaceful and reassuring, but each emphasizes that great social movements call out for improvements to the common good, for true democracy without violence and with justice, for all citizens, including those yet to be born.

Barry Callaghan and Joe Rosenblatt – HOGGWASH Barry Callaghan and Joe Rosenblatt, poets of perspicacity, pizzazz, and probity, have been combative, ecstatic compadres for over 40 years, with Callaghan donning an array of chapeaus, the man of belles lettres and hog flaneur-on-the-hoof from Smooth City, while Rosenblatt decades ago declared his unconditional allegiance to the buzzers, chirpers, and purrers of the natural world, to remain at peace by his pond, aloof from the human horde. This most unlikely pair are conjoined by their shared dedication to the Word, to those rare moments of ascendent insight that are contained in bedrock language, to disputation about all matters of gravity and gullibility, and to the sharing of extraordinary paintings and ink drawings that come from their nether surreal and noumenal worlds. Hoggwash, a convergence by epistle, is a tribute not just to their enduring friendship but to the life of the imagination itself. There is no record of correspondence like this, anywhere in the world.
Includes 24 colour and 9 black and white Paintings and Drawings
"An incredible exchange ­ words and art unlike anything I’ve ever had such pleasure with!" –Leon Rooke ‹Leon Rooke
Introduction by Catherine Owen.


Giles Blunt – VANISHING ACT When Giles Blunt’s first crime novel appeared, the Toronto Star said it "immediately raises the bar of Canadian crime fiction." The Globe and Mail calls him "a master storyteller," and fans of Blunt’s fiction are familiar with his ability to shape a tense narrative for maximum impact. With Vanishing Act, his debut collection of verse, Blunt delivers equally potent strength and quality, opening up for the reader a new, "wicked pack of cards" – in that deck, a cast of characters that speak to the different stages of personal journey: coming of age, heartbreak, terrible loss, the fear of death, philosophical musing, and the personal apocalypse that may one day come... But more than anything, this rich sequence of poems is about how our personal identity changes over a lifetime.

Vladimir Azarov – OF ARCHITECTURE Nine B&W Illustrations by Nina Bunjevac. Introduction by Edward Kay. A lively collection populated by historical icons, each poem a story about the potency of imagination, territories, border-crossings of the mind ­ among them: the madness of a king who wants to be a swan, Michelangelo chiselling a heart that beats into his David, Tsar Peter with his three pet dwarfs acting as generals in the army, Zara Zasulich who became the world’s first woman terrorist, Robinson Crusoe hunting for the footprints of Friday, Michael Jackson pretending he is Marcel Marceau as he woos Marlene Dietrich in Paris...





Eds. (and with Introductions by) Colleen Anderson and Ursula Pflug. Afterword by Derek Newman Stille – PLAYGROUND OF LOST TOYS The Exile Book of Anthology Series: Number Eleven, is a dynamic collection of stories that explore the mystery, wonder, awe and even dread that can arise from one’s experience with a special toy. This is the world as we may think we know it, on to the edges of space, all where games are for keeps and the mind plays games of its own... where magic may not have been lost, a toy plays winner-take-all, and computers and gods vie for the upper hand; enter realities where dolls, stuffies, wooden games of skill, and ancient artifacts are misinterpreted; encounter items that seek life, or even revenge. An incredible scope of tales about companionship, loss, revenge, hope, murder, cunning, and love, all unearthed in this communal sandbox.
Authors: Chris Kuriata, Joe Davies, Catherine MacLeod, Kate Story, Meagan Whan, Candas Jane Dorsey, Rati Mehrotra, Nathan Adler, Rhonda Eikamp, Robert Runté, Linda DeMeulemeester, Kevin Cockle, Claude Lalumière, Dominik Parisien, dvsduncan, Christine Daigle, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Shane Simmons, Lisa Carreiro, Karen Abrahamson, Geoffrey W. Cole and Alex C. Renwick.

Hugh Graham – LAST WORDS A collection of stories that captures the passage of years, the progression of accumulation and recurrence, the present as dammed-up history. Without warning, a world on the road to epiphany. And that world, threatened with disaster. Figures emerge, often from twilight. Children who do not fear death, travellers doomed to inertia, concupiscent women, bloody-minded intellectuals, haunted drunks, decaying diplomats, and Death as the man in the attic room. In the end, the gaze of a child become a man. Eleven stories of clarity and dark empathy.

Alan J Cooper – BRAIN INJURY This fascinating book is much more than a tragic personal story, more than a picture of how brain injuries will strain relationships with family, co-workers, health care professionals and a legal system not adequately empowered to respond to an individual’s needs, let alone the thousands who have suffered long after their initial injury. All too often it seems few are able to overcome the adversities of such situations, to move on with their life, or to ultimately find peace within themselves... but Alan J Cooper has done that with this book, reflecting on his life, so that his words may offer help and guidance to the many brain-injured people and their loved ones.


George Elliott Clarke – EXTRA ILLICIT SONNETS is a series of sonnets that chronicles a love affair between a man and a woman of different complexions, cultures, continents, and generations, Sonia Fuentes of Andorra and Luca Xifona of Canada. She is Catalan in heritage; and he is Maltese. She is a Boomer and he is of Generation Y-Not. The poetry consists mainly of unrhymed–or blank–sonnets. It is transcendent and dangerous verse because it addresses humanity’s most complex and volatile emotion: passion. Extra Illicit Sonnets bares the naked truth behind Illicit Sonnets (2013).

Veronica Gaylie – SWORD DANCE is about a woman’s childhood life in Scotland and a new life in Canada, as explored by her daughter in this memoir-style poem that profoundly embodies the classic Canadian immigrant tale. The characters, beginning with the emigrating ancestors Tom, Dick and Harry, to the everyday Glasgow cousins John Lennon in a scheme to raise pigs, and a bicycle riding Richard Nixon who arrives just after a factory blow-up, to the author’s father, a young soldier who catches the eye of his wife-to-be at the glove counter in Woolworth’s, are all real.
Framed by a prologue and epilogue–with an introduction by the author, and a "A Short Glaswegian Guide" (Glossary) on end–the story is told in a working-class vernacular, the voices gritty, witty and distinct as they produce a beautiful tapestry by way of the music and language of Glaswegian storytelling.

Jeff Bien – IN A TIME OF NO SONG Introduction by A.F. Moritz. There is a mysterious ease in this riot of sensuality that extends and plunges into myriad modes of existence. Silence, song, and the sacred inspire the lambent language, achieving an eloquent grandeur in the way the author animates each poem, constantly connecting the outer with the inner, the familiar with the distant, the limited with the vast, the realm of thought with the realm of life, non-sentient things with sentient ones. In a Time of No Song is a visionary poetry collection by a compelling, charismatic voice, the beauty between and in the words, weightless.


Ewan Whyte – ENTRAINMENT is a collection of poetry that explores interrelatedness, the intellectual and the ubiquitous with lyrical vision. There are wonderful moments in every poem, expressions of morphogenesis, as explored through the visions of homeless people as visiting preachers, the person as uncomfortable traveller, the various voices that speak to us through history and myth, hallucinating street people singing to vegetables, a plane crash at an air show, and a recounting of the end of the medieval Cathar and Albigensian crusades. These are just a few of the topics the author encounters with remarkable wit and ingenuity.

Carter V. Cooper Anthology 5 – CVC5 Anthology From writer, artist and philanthropist, Gloria Vanderbilt, who sponsors one of the largest literary prizes in Canada, and who supports this unique Canadians-only short fiction publication. "I am proud and thrilled that all these wonderful writers are presented in the CVC Anthology. Carter, my son, Anderson Cooper¹s brother, was just 23 when he died in 1988. He was a promising editor, writer, and, from the time he was a small child, a voracious reader. When a child dies, just as his adult life is beginning, in addition to the overwhelming grief, his family and friends are left with many unanswerable questions. I often wonder what would he be doing? What kind of man would he have become? If Carter were alive he would be 50 years old now. Some things are not knowable, of course, but I do know Carter would still be in love with writing, with words, and with stories. Carter came from a family of storytellers, and stories were a guide which helped him discover the world. Though I, and those who loved Carter, still hear his voice in our heads and in our hearts, my son¹s voice was silenced long ago. I hope this prize helps other writers find their voice, and helps them touch others¹ lives with the mystery and magic of the written word."
This volume presents the 14 short listed writers: Nicholas Ruddock, Leon Rooke, Hugh Graham, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Bruce Meyer, Priscila Uppal, Veronica Gaylie, Christine Miscione, Lisa Foad, Maggie Dwyer, Josip Novakovich, Bart Campbell, Lisa Pike and Linda Rogers.


Ed. Claude Lalumière and David Nickle – NEW CANADIAN NOIR is an anthology of all-new work, showcasing the full spectrum of the Canadian noir esthetic, from its hard-boiled home in crime fiction to its grim forays into horror, fantasy, and surrealism; from the dystopian shadows it casts in science fiction to the mixture of desire and corruption it brings to erotica; from the blood-spattered romance of the frontier to the stark nihilism of literary realism.

Steven Hayward – TO DANCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD is the long-awaited collection of stories from one of Canada’s celebrated authors of short fiction. Erudite and funny, nostalgic and fanciful, these stories unlock the secret longings and unlooked-for victories that make up everyday life – elegant and unforgettable stories that are assured in depictions of characters and distinctive in voice.

Joe Rosenblatt – SNAKE CITY takes the reader into an imaginary kingdom in the waterways of Florida, inhabited by macho gator-killers and feral pigs with murderous tusks for goring two-legged predators. At the centre of this hallucinatory fable are Cottonmouth, a viper with a penchant for salty language, and his long-suffering roommate Freddie, a retired Canadian Snowbird who has stupidly purchased swamp acreage from a disreputable land developer to build his dream cabin.


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ed. Silvia Moreno-Garcia – FRACTURED Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse: We like to imagine the end. How we might survive. How we might live after the fateful moment that changes everything ­ and that moment has arrived. Welcome to Canada after the apocalypse! 360 pages.

Matthew R. Loney – THAT SAVAGE WATER : Stories written for the diverse travellers-at-heart who enjoy reading about places far from home. 216 pages.

12 Canadian writers, selected by Gloria Vanderbilt – CVC4 (Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology series) : The finalists from Exile’s national short fiction competition that awards $10,000 to the best story by an Emerging Writer, and $5,000 to a Writer at Any Career Point. Year Four Winners Jason Timermanis and Hugh Graham appear along with the 10 other short listed writers: George McWhirter, Gregory Betts, Linda Rogers, Matthew R. Loney, Erin Soros, K’ari Fisher, Susan P. Redmayne, Madeline Sonic, Helen Marshall and Leon Rooke. 192 pages.


Pablo Neruda – 100 LOVE SONNETS (New Edition) : "This handsome, bilingual edition...is a worthy tribute and a rollicking good read, staying true to the poet’s expansive, idiosyncratic style." –Globe and Mail

Morley Callaghan – THAT SUMMER IN PARIS A Memoir and Personal Reflections : It was the fabulous summer of 1929 when the literary capital of North America had moved to the Left Bank of Paris. A tragic and sad and unforgettable story told in Callaghan’s lucid compassionate prose. Newly added to this edition are reflections by Callaghan on Hemingway, Joyce, Fitzgerald and McAlmon, beginning in that time early in his life, ending with his return to Paris at the end of his life.

ed. Bruce Meyer and Barry Callaghan. Afterword by Margaret Atwood. New Edition – WE WASN’T PALS: Canadian Poetry and Prose of the First World War : 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI. This anthology is a remarkable gathering of the many voices who captured with singularity the terror, horror, and moments of light that marked those years of war. 304 pages.


Emmanuel Kattan – PATHS OF DESIRE : A mystery thriller set against a backdrop of intolerance and narrow-mindedness.

Diane Keating – THE CRYING OUT - A Novel : Looking back to her Salem roots, a young girl obsessively confronts her family’s dark Puritan ancestry. 296 pages.

George McWhirter – THE GIFT OF WOMEN : 10 stories penned in a painterly prose that make these entertaining and provocative gems unforgettable. 216 pages.

Marc Séguin – HOLLYWOOD A New York Love Story : The novel was a finalist for the 2013 Governor General’s Award for fiction in it’s original French version; here in translation, this novel’s masterful and delicate unveiling of the implications of love, friendship and war is now available to English language readers.


George Elliott Clarke – TRAVERSE: From Toronto’s Poet Laureate (2012-15) and the W.L.M. King Visiting Chair in Canadian Studies at Harvard University (2012-13) comes a new collection of sonnets that is a tour de force!

Bruce Meyer – TESTING THE ELEMENTS : A diverse range of poetic examinations of our relationship with the physical and the spiritual world. The poems are daring and artistically defying.

Alexander Pushkin, Anna Akhmatova, Andrei Voznesensky – STRONG WORDS (Bilingual); Translated (from Russian) by Vladimir Azarov and Barry Callaghan : "Strong Words achieves something exceptional... one can almost imagine the book as a single poem, so alert are these translations to the elusive narrative of deeply felt human experience. This is what the best poetry is capable of: an entire life illumined in a line or two." –Anne Michaels, author of Fugitive Pieces.


Vladimir Azarov – SOCHI DELIRIUM : An enfevered semi-delirium produces a waltzing kaleidoscope of memories, captured through poetry. 160 pages.

Vladimir Azarov – SEVEN LIVES : This series of stories in verse is Vladimir Azarov’s childhood experiences of Soviet life transformed into a poetic witnessing that brings immediacy of experience and the poignancy of loss into the reader’s current imagination.

Vladimir Azarov – BROKEN PASTERIES : A satirical and humorous poetic look at politics, and the post-Stalinist period that arose from "The Russian Spring" known as The Thaw.


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